Legal Lucidity with Elizabeth Potts Weinstein

Legal updates and strategies for small business owners and online entrepreneurs, with attorney Elizabeth Potts Weinstein

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Friday May 20, 2022

This episode of Legal Lucidity is an update on recent changes and trends in copyright law. Even if you don't think of yourself as an artist or creator, every business is making works that are copyrightable, even if it is just your logo and your website marketing copy. Here we are talking about recent cases, including Google vs Oracle, the Katy Perry "Dark Horse" case, and the case about Warhol's Prince silkscreen.

Friday May 13, 2022

In this episode of Legal Lucidity, we are talking about the latest trends and upcoming laws about staff (employees and contractors). The podcast includes a discussion of the 4-day workweek in California, the trend of requiring wage/salary in a job description (not just Colorado!), whether you need to pay a summer intern (probably yes), and creating new classes of workers (not employee and not contractor either).

Friday Apr 22, 2022

If you have an online business or even just a website, you must have a privacy policy and pay attention to how you handle personal information to comply with the various laws & regulations. But these laws change regularly and are evolving, especially in the United States. In this episode, I go through the upcoming changes to privacy laws and privacy policies in the USA and what you can and should do about it in your small business.
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Tuesday Apr 12, 2022

There have been changes to the USPTO and various state agencies that make it easier to lock down your business assets so they don't get stolen or administratively dissolved, but have you set that up yet? In this episode, attorney Elizabeth Potts Weinstein shares how to protect your trademarks and patents, your website and domain, and your business itself.     

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